Developer: MUNZESKY GAMES STUDIO    Based in Belgrade Serbia  Founded in 2015

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“Sol Invictus” is a story driven 2D point and click adventure game set in a seemingly utopian future of our solar system. This world of authoritarian government and corporate machinations is in an over a decade long war with a rogue A.I.

The story follows a technician and crew member of the spaceship freighter “Ortana” who, through a chain of unfortunate events, falls into a web of government conspiracies and corporate intrigue that takes him across the solar system.

The game features dynamic game-play, large number of unique locations and vivid characters, stylized in a soft retro look with a constant side view perspective, giving homage to the golden age of video games.


Love for art is what brought us all together.

Some years ago, while studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, our interests “clicked”, and taste for similar things enabled us to easily understand each other. Thus making a good ground for our future professional endeavors.

Common love for storytelling, science fiction, point and click adventure games and that magical moment when everything in a video game works so well that you have no choice but to lose yourself in a world  that was created for you, is what pushes us to give the best from ourselves.

Life long involvement with fine art painting, illustration and model making is what allows us to create original solutions for common design problems thus giving our products a distinct stylistic signature.


First sketches of ideas for “Sol Invictus” began in 2014. The story and script grew fast and developed into something we realized we couldn’t pull through just yet. So after working on few other projects we decided to make a small smartphone/tablet video game based on a prequel to the original “Sol Invictus” story.

The game was supposed to be a simple “locked room” based game-play with a silhouettes for characters…  Thinking that could save us time in a manner that we wouldn’t have to animate a lot of movement and work too much on character design.

As the design and backgrounds progressed the silhouetted character simply didn’t work well with the richly painted backgrounds… Plus the most frequent question we got from the people we showed the game to was “Is he gonna stay that way?”.

So we decided to scrap the easy approach and take it to the next level…  Making a full motion video game with fully recorded characters, costumes, spaceship models and props.


Classical verb coin based point and click adventure game mechanics.

Hand painted backgrounds.

Filmed FMV characters.

Real miniature spaceship models and props.

Retro feel inspired by the classics of science fiction in film and literature.